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Mothers To Daughters CEO Francine Mbvoumbo

Founded in 2020 & Growing Fast

Here at Mothers to Daughters, we are driven by a single goal; to do our part in bridging the gap of lived experience between women among generations.


Our community-based programs, events, and discussions call together perspectives that foster personal & professional development. We strive to build harmonious relationships and make a positive impact with all of our pursuits.

Mothers to Daughters welcomes  all individuals identifying as women to join our cause and vow to womanhood. We are committed to a diverse and inclusive environment in our community. 


Dealing with the modern challenges women face today is enhanced via the help of an open-minded community group with different perspectives. M2D envisions a thriving network of support from the female community internationally, and a desire to ensure our actions speak louder than words alone.


M2D provides a safe, intimate and inclusive space to engage, educate and empower. Our smaller discussion groups and bimonthly large-scale virtual conference aim to connect women from around the globe. Topics are chosen by Daughters and reviewed with Mothers regularly so that all our events attract a representative group across all ages and stages of life.


Our community of Mothers and Daughters represents a unique bond between multiple generations. As women, we seek to engage, educate and empower others with high quality opportunities to provide value.

Intergenerational Community of Women

Mothers to Daughters is designed to engage women from all generations, races, and cultural backgrounds to come together and rise together.

Through M2D Toronto now has a safe, intimate, and judgment-free zone to discuss anything. 


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