Mothers to Daughters (M2D) is a For-Impact organization whose goal is to bridge societal gaps between intergenerational women to engage, educate and empower them.

Women Laughing on Beach
Women Laughing on Beach


M2D's mission is to provide an easily available platform to encourage Mothers (Baby Boomers and Gen Xers) to share their wisdom, learnings, advice and mistakes made with Daughters (Millennials and Gen Zers) eager and open to learn to extend their influence in the world.


We do so by delivering educational programs, networking events, mentorship opportunities, and an open idea exchange for women around the globe and newcomers in Canada designed specifically to ensure the current/previous generations' learnings are translated to upcoming generations'.

Group of Activists


We encourage and equip today's leaders to shape tomorrow's leaders by way of mentoring, sponsoring, and partnering to build and maintain their legacy.


We envision a world where women regardless of their circumstances and origins create a new table where they seat proudly and are enabled to instigate meaningful impact.

A group of women at a business meeting