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Legacy Building Apprenticeship

When you join our women’s network, you will be connected with a Mother suited to your personal goals and needs. Our program was curated specifically to address the different needs at each stage of women’s lives, spanning in ages from 18 to 80!


We’ve brought together an inspiring group of speakers and professional mentors to educate, empower & inspire dialogue for collective powerful upward movement through engaging events and meetups. Don’t miss out!

Mothers to Daughters welcome all individuals identifying as women to join our cause and vow to womanhood. We are committed to a diverse and inclusive environment in our community. 


Access a wealth of knowledge and wisdom from our Mothers and Daughters.


Thought-provoking discussion on topics for learning, personal and professional growth & networking. 

We share recommended books, audiobooks, e-books and more for you can find inspiration and relaxation.


A private circle of single and available ladies looking to decipher the myth of finding love in today’s world. 


Connect to members all over the world to share ideas & join events, from our mobile app.

Guiding Lights

A Mentorship Program to support newcomers with industry experts to facilitate integration into the job market.

Mother and Daughter

We are a generation of Baby boomers and Generation X on a mission to engage, educate, and empower the younger generation through storytelling and guidance In all aspects of personal and business development. 

We are a generation of Millennials and Generation Z committed to stepping out of our comfort zone to reach out to more experienced women, to learn and get guidance in all aspects of personal and business development.

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