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Our community of Mothers and Daughters represents a unique bond between multiple generations. As women, we seek to engage, educate and empower others with high quality opportunities to provide value.

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Dr. Mandana Attarzadeh

Founder, Flourishing Women's Circle

Born and raised in Iran, Mandana, originally trained as a medical doctor, deliberately gave up on her  career and embarked on a journey geared towards Community Development and helping women. A passion she developed after experiencing a gigantic identity shift as a woman. She helps women to "Flourish" and believes that “The Flourishing Woman” can transform the world to a new level of vibration for love, care, and happiness. She believes in spiritual motherhood and is eager to empower Daughters.

Koliah Bourne

Partner & Head of Finance at SHIFTER

Born and raised in Toronto, Koliah is a partner and head of finance at SHIFTER. Prior to that, she provided financial and administrative services in the television, live theatre, and concert promotions industries and worked as Assistant to the VP of Finance at the CMPA. In 2018, she became a member of the board of directors at the Odyssey Theatre. She has experience working in the social services space and feels empowered to bring her love for the community to Mothers to Daughters.

Mila B. Brown

Financial Advisor

Originally from Ukraine, Mila is a Mother of two lovely daughters. She is a lawyer by profession with an impressive business journey under her belt as she creates tax efficient strategies for her clients. Aside from Finance, she is an avid art lover and  ran a successful Toronto-based art gallery and art consultancy for eight years. She leads with intention and intuition and has been committing her time to offer pro bono law services to immigrants all over the world looking for a safe home. 

Lisa Bynoe-Stevens

Counsellor, Therapist

Lisa is a multifaceted entrepreneur and stepmother to two cool adults. When she was asked to be a Mother, she responded with zeal and fondness. Life threw her some curveballs by not being a biological mother, but she embraces every opportunity to be a spiritual Mother.


She has cemented that place in the heart of many Daughters she has empowered. She reminds them how valuable and unique they are and coaches them into their next life chapter. You can connect with her through Facebook and LinkedIn.

Assiatou Diallo

CEO, TAAB Cleaning Inc.

Assiatou was born in Guinea, and endured many hardships, including life at a women shelter.

After funding TAAB Cleaning Inc., she wants to inspire others and share her business knowledge as a CEO. She also provides employment to newcomers and she is active in many communities, promoting women entrepreneurship. She was awarded the Ontarian Cooperation Concil Award in 2017, the Unsung Heroes Award and GWWEA Award in 2019, and won "Icon of the Year" in 2020. Watch the documentary about her life Here.

Yvonne Kasine

Performance Coach, Author

Yvonne is a mother of three daughters, originally from Rwanda. She immigrated to Canada in 2013 as an international graduate student and her journey has been filled with learning and growth opportunities. She is passionate about empowering women and girls through performance and second career coaching, educative workshops, and round tables. She is the author of “Investing in your Success : Strategies for Effective Integration of Immigrants to Canada”. You can connect with her via Facebook.

Kate Kopylova

Healthy Living Advocate

As a mom, wife, and grandmother, Kate is passionate about sharing the knowledge she gained on how to live a healthy life. She has an extensive background in health, wellness, essential oils, Thai Massage, meditation, and Reiki, and she has been a Health Practitioner for close to a decade.

If you are looking for healthier alternatives to harsh chemicals or want to take your wellness to a higher level, she will help you start your journey. You can connect with her through Facebook and Instagram.

Cara-Lee Lewis

Mortgage Specialist, Super-Mom

From Gatineau, Quebec, Cara is a single mother of three, and a strong, positive role model. A recovering perfectionist and yes-woman, Cara learned to overcome depression and anxiety.

Making homeownership dreams come true as a mortgage specialist, she loves to read to feed her mind and consumes music religiously to feed her soul. As a consultant for Mothers to Daughters, she hopes to share her experiences and inspire Daughters through vulnerability and candor.

You can connect with her on Instagram.

Jo Lean

Positive Psychology Practitioner, Love Coach

Jo Lean is a former award-winning Corporate Event Planner who turned her life around 4 years ago after a devastating demotion. Her journey to spirituality and wellness has transformed her life to learning to love herself authentically, to discovering blockages and releasing them and manifesting not only self-love but an emotionally available partner. Jo gives womxn the tools to increase their self-worth and overcome negative patterns in dating and relationships to attract an emotionally available partner. She is eager to share the light with women of the M2D community to discover their infinite power by learning to love themselves and manifest abundance in love and life. You can connect with her by visiting her website here

Karlene Millwood

Leadership Mentor, Keynote Speaker

Karlene, born in Manchester, Jamaica, is a Canadian-Caribbean entrepreneur and best selling author. A good Samaritan stepped in at a moment when her education was threatened by financial hardships. Since then, she has vowed to return the favor and helped fund the education of six children thus far.


No stranger to mentorship, she has been affiliated to Big Brother, Big Sister of Peel. She is devoted to serving her community and helps aspiring entrepreneurs soar. Find out more about her Here.

Mel Romolo

Founder, Stand Out LOUD

Mel is the founder of Stand Out LOUD, a transformational leadership and empowerment company that offers skills training and coaching opportunities to business professionals. After 20 years of working as a professional accountant and management consultant, Mel hit a bump in the road as she struggled with severe burnout. She is now committed to helping women professionals avoid the same fate, by revealing their strength and take focused action that is aligned with their passions and purpose.

Maria Carolina Ojeda

Founder, Proyar Maintenance Services Inc.

Originally from Venezuela, Maria is a proven Financial Leader with several years under her belt.She went through and overcame culture shock and language barriers when she arrived in Canada. Those experiences were catalysts to building her physical and emotional resilience. Maria is known for her infectious energy and dedicating her time to helping people understand and win with money. She wishes to bring that wealth of personal and professional experience to the Daughters of the community of M2D. 

Svetlana Ratnikova

CEO Immigrant Women in Business

Svetlana was born in Moscow, Russia, where she graduated in Economics in 1989. She came to Canada in 1994 to work for a leading Market research firm, working with some of the largest companies in the world.

She founded IWB to support women entrepreneurs, leaders and professionals to achieve their aspirations and bring their dreams to life. She enjoys working directly with young people to help them explore enterprise as a viable and sustainable path.

You can connect with her through her LinkedIn.

Arnella Renda-Tarantino

Realtor®️, Proud Mother

Originally from Italy, Arnella is a proud mother, stepmother and grandmother. She is a also a dedicated REALTOR®️ with over 30 years under her belt. Her experience transcends the professional space : she has lived long enough to know about life. She strongly believes in continuous learning while keeping a healthy balance between body, mind, and spirit. As a baby boomer and righteousness advocate, she hopes to bring her wisdom and grit to this community. You can find her contact Here.

Jody Steinhauer

 The Bargains Group President, Social Entrepreneur

Jody is the President of The Bargains Group, an award-winning discount wholesale, promotional products and kit building company. As a Canadian female entrepreneur, Jody uses her network of resources to broker goodness with every company, charity  and non-profit agency that she touches to maximize budgets. Pioneering her belief of “giving back makes great business sense”, Jody is a tireless advocate and founder of the charity, Engage and Change and the social enterprise, Kits for a Cause. She wishes to bring her expertise to the M2D community to help Daughters follow her footsteps and establishing their own legacies.

Julia Vitaly

XenCity Founder, Entrepreneur

Just like most of us, Julia wears many hats. She welcomes you to tap into the well of her experience to learn from her mistakes and accomplishments. Her successful career in IT and her recent business venture, XenCity, are to attest to that. She encourages everyone to combine their values, education, skills, and experience to pursue what they are truly passionate about. She is very excited to be able to share the lessons learnt through her career, business and life in Canada with the community.

Dr. Yuxin (Kelly) Wang

Chiropractor, Co-Founder of Little Spine

Dr. Yuxin (Kelly) Wang, obtained her doctor of chiropractic degree in California. Her volunteer work ranges from serving world-class athletes in California to underprivileged communities in Mexico and El Salvador. She is also the co-founder of Little Spine Mission Trip, where she provides complimentary chiropractic care to over 500 children in Shanghai.In her own words, "Every posture has a story. Rewrite your story". She is eager to bring her passion for serving the community to Mothers to Daughters.

Mother and Daughter

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