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Mother-Daughter Series

We get intimate with biological and spiritual Mothers and Daughters from globally to discuss their relationships and life experiences to edify our community of women. 

Arnella, Daniela and Zariah.3 generations.jpeg

Arnella and Daniela Tarantino 

Arnella and Daniela took us into a closer look of their relationship. Family comes first for the Tarantinos. At 19 years old, Daniela is a mother of precious Baby Z (who makes a cameo) and Arnella witnesses her family expands unexpectedly but proudly. Watch their story HERE.

Victoria and Maia Jurincic

Victoria and Maia are a success-striving duo. Proud mother Victoria gushes about the generational gap that exists with her daughter while Maia reminds her of the role model she is to her. Support is what defines the Jurincics. Watch their story HERE.

Victoria and Maia.jpg
Linda and Sabrina Craig .jpg

Linda and Sabrina Craig

Linda and Sabrina Craig are a duo of doers. Linda reflects on her career and equal opportunities offered to her three children. She gushes how proud she is of Sabrina whom in turn praises the support and wisdom. Watch them tell their story HERE.

Wendy Behar

Wendy gets candid about her past struggle as a people pleaser and a recovered alcohol addiction. Though her daughter Jenna could not make it, she gushes about how inspiring she has been to her. Watch her tell her story HERE.

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