Women Colleagues


Coming together from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences, our skilled team of professionals is the backbone of Mothers to Daughters. Their ideas help shape the direction and mission of our organization as it continues to develop. Read on to learn more about some of our incredible team members.

Meet The Board of Directors

Francine Mbvoumbo.jpg

Francine Mbvoumbo

Chair and President

Francine is a Finance Professional who wears empathy as a crown, which fuels her genuine interest to connect with others and authentic urge to propel them further. To others, she embodies - Open-mindedness, patience, creativity, and critical thinking. She believes in the growth mindset and applies it by being comfortable to get uncomfortable.


Her exposure to the financial sector built a foundation to understand corporate and life cogs. Her confidence to embark fearlessly into the entrepreneurial path stems from her upbringing, where being a follower was never an option. Through M2D, she strives to connect women from all backgrounds and encourage them to give back and shape future generations of women that will lead unapologetically. She works tirelessly at becoming a better connector, strategist, opportunity giver, creator, and fierce advocate for women.


Victoria Jurincic

Director Business Planning & Fundraising 

Victoria Jurincic is a strategic-minded individual with over 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry passion with a passion for leadership, mentorship, and people development. 

Born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Victoria is the youngest of four children with a strong Italian heritage.  Today she enjoys life just outside of Toronto with her husband and two teenage children, Maia and Matthew, who keep life busy with competitive hockey and soccer. Victoria received Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Toronto and a Master of Science degree from the University of Guelph.  


Dr. Vijay Bhosekar

Director, Program Development

Vijay Bhosekar has more than 30 years of experience as a Faculty, Research Scientist and Client Relations (India and Canada). After immigrating to Canada in 2005, he worked as Agribusiness Consultant in Toronto until 2011.  During this period being a lifelong learner returned to Sheridan College in Ontario 2007, attained Graduate Certificate in Environmental Sciences. While as a PhD student with University of Guelph was awarded Ontario Graduate Scholarship, Philanthropic Scholarships and Travel grants. He has published more than 100: peer reviewed International scientific publications, outreach literature and presentations in seminars in his area of scientific expertise. 

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Mel Romolo

Vice President

Mel is the founder of Stand Out LOUD, a transformational leadership and empowerment company that offers skills training and coaching opportunities to business professionals. After 20 years of working as a professional accountant and management consultant, Mel hit a bump in the road as she struggled with severe burnout. She is now committed to helping women professionals avoid the same fate, by revealing their strength and take focused action that is aligned with their passions and purpose.

Cara-Lee Lewis_edited.jpg

Cara-Lee Lewis,


From Gatineau, Quebec, Cara is a single mother of three, and a strong, positive role model. A recovering perfectionist and yes-woman, Cara learned to overcome depression and anxiety. Making homeownership dreams come true as a mortgage specialist, she loves to read to feed her mind and consumes music religiously to feed her soul. As a consultant for Mothers to Daughters, she hopes to share her experiences and inspire Daughters through vulnerability and candor. You can connect with her on Instagram.


Zaynah Marani

Chief Legal Officer 

Zaynah is an entrepreneur, an immigration lawyer and a proud mother of her two-year-old son.

Zaynah founded her law firm, Marani Law LLP, with her sister nearly 10 years ago, and now acts as the Managing Partner and Immigration Practice Lead.  She routinely advises multinational companies on their global mobility needs by assisting them to bring their employees in to Canada.When she is not working, Zaynah loves to read, paint, travel, run, and spend time with her family.


Loretta Levinson

Head of Strategic Partnerships

Throughout a research-based career in Marketing and Business Development, Loretta has continued to wield a rare talent for identifying opportunities to build brands and organizations via persuasive storytelling and innovative program creation. Bringing a laser focus on exceeding the objectives set out, Loretta has a strong track record of delivering exceptional results for such leading organizations as Procter & Gamble and Molson Coors Beverages. Flexible and with a commitment to ongoing marketing excellence, Loretta has adapted her skills over the past 6 years to the professional development and networking arena, currently focusing on curated content for Toronto-based Strategy Institute’s pivot of 20 annual B2B conferences from in-person to virtual execution.

Meet Our Leadership Team


Cigdem Djamgouz, Community Coach

Cigdem has over 8 years of experience in HR. She specializes in professional coaching, organizational development, recruitment, and employee relationships. Having worked with start-ups and well established companies, Cigdem provides her individual and corporate clients with a customized approach to meet their unique needs.

Cigdem is a certified Cognitive Behavioral Coach accredited by the ICF. She also holds degrees in human resources management, and economics, as well as a Master of European Business.


Oumou Samake, Community Outreach Leader

Oumou Samake is a Bilingual Realtor (REALTOR®) who operates in the Greater Toronto Area. She combines her passion for real estate, education, project management, and customer services to help buyers, sellers, and investors in Ontario make the most informed real estate decisions. 


Oumou holds a Bachelor of Business Administration and worked in various service-oriented sectors before starting her career as a real estate agent. Her approach is more focused on education and customer service. 

In her spare time, Oumou enjoys sharing her knowledge with younger people, connecting with new people, and exploring the outdoors with her loved ones.  


Maitsi Dellacasa, Communication Consultant 

Maitsi Dellacasa arrived in Canada last year after making a significant leap from Venezuela to Barbados, where she lived for the previous six years. This Venezuelan is an intuitive and proactive communication specialist with more than ten years of relevant experience and extensive background in social change.

She gains expertise in a non-profit television channel for eight years and in the non-profit cultural and educational focus organization for three years. She has also led communications and strategic corporate branding in growing companies.

Maitsi loves meaningful and live-impactful relationships; she enjoys genuinely communicating other's positive actions and is passionate about making organizations a life project.

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