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What does It mean To Be A Daughter?

We have written about what being a Mother means in our community, and now, we want to explore what it means to be a Daughter. Since we go beyond blood relations, being a Daughter means someone who needs mentoring or the guidance of a Mother. To become a Daughter to a Mother, you can be young or aged, or someone who does not have substantial experience or network in their field

Being a Daughter is another word for "Mentee". It also means seeking someone you can look up to and work with, recognizing the need for social support, a community of women, or simply someone you can talk to and potentially fill in the gap of not having a mother or a mother figure growing up.

I wish I had a “Guide” who could have helped me navigate this country when I was a newcomer to Canada and also someone who could have helped me network and build connections so that I could meet new people, work on my resume and get a job.

Eventually, I did find a “Mother” who helped me understand the Canadian workplace and shared networking tips. However, because we were hit by the pandemic around the time we met, I had little to no opportunities to follow through with the suggestions provided. In the end, participating in various networking events through employment services helped me make valuable connections because I could utilize the advice my “Mother” gave me. I could not have done it all by myself.

Mothers to Daughters is an organization that works towards bringing together Mothers and Daughters who can work together collaboratively.

Are you interested in being a Daughter? The below programs allow you to find the support system you long for:

  1. The Legacy Building Apprenticeship is curated to address the need women have to receive mentorship and be a mentor to contribute to women's empowerment. This program matches Mothers who will offer their Daughters to equip them with tools to make a meaningful impact in their personal or professional lives.

  2. The Guiding Lights program is geared toward newcomers to Canada to propel them to rise in the workplace or within their entrepreneurial endeavors, represent their respective communities, and become fully functional and capable in society. This program will offer support and guidance from industry experts, peer support, and peer networking opportunities.

To enroll in these programs, click HERE.

  • We also have the Mother-Daughter Series, a cozy exchange between biological and spiritual mothers and daughters to discuss their relationship dynamics to inspire other women to build a support system and improve their relationships. Contact us here if you are interested.

Some of our helpful links are:

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