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Legacy Building Apprenticeship

Legacy Building Apprenticeship is curated to address the different needs at each stage of women’s lives, spanning from 18 to 80 years of age. It is designed to create opportunities for current leaders and shape future leaders. Mentors will offer their experience to the younger generation to equip them with tools to show up differently in society and in their personal lives to empower the generations to come. 

The Legacy Building Apprenticeship project aims to address societal, cultural, financial, and economic gaps among women hindering them from emancipation and togetherness.  The objective will be achieved through a series of activities including but not limited to:

  • Offer a diverse and inclusive platform to reduce gaps between women and contribute to their development.

  • Weekly mentoring sessions will be offered to expand professional and personal development experiences amongst mentees.

  • Growth of community members transitioning from Daughters (mentees) to becoming Mothers (mentors)

  • Success and breakthrough stories in employment and life experiences for women inside the community. 

Guiding Lights 

Guiding Lights is a mentorship program geared for young newcomer women to offer guidance and empower them to rise in the workplace or entrepreneurial endeavors. There is a champion in each newcomer in need of support. This project will offer the support and guidance from industry experts to help newcomers rise above all odds, represent their respective communities, and become fully functional and capable in society.

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Guiding Lights aims to support the social integration of the newcomers through peer support and peer networks. It will match Guides (seasoned professionals/industry experts in Canada) with Guided (in need of professional guidance and endorsement). The objective will be achieved through a series of activities including but not limited to:


  • Regular coordination, guidance and follow-up activities to help newcomers strategize their path and envision their approach into the social and professional life in Canada.

  • A peer support group that will strengthen the mental and psychological wellbeing of each other by counselling and stress management through conversation and dialogues.


We are looking for female Guides and Guided to provide meaningful connections with the goal of assisting the Guided with employment opportunities.

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