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We are a generation of Millennials and Generation Z committed to stepping out of our comfort zone to reach out to more experienced women, to learn and get guidance in all aspects of personal and business development.

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Francine Mbvoumbo

Originally from Cameroon, Francine is the founder of Mothers to Daughters. She comes from a matriarchal household where she is the second born out of six strong girls.


The Mothers to Daughters initiative emerged when Francine reflected on her past experiences with certain women she considers as being Mothers' figures. With her mother being her biggest inspiration, she decided to encourage her peers to reach for a support system and create a community where women would find a haven in each other.


Aside from her passion, she is responsible for helping high-profile corporations in North America manage critical communications to their shareholders and better their governance strategies. She is widely known for her kindness, generosity, and empathy, devoting her spare time to mentoring Youth and Newcomers to Canada. Francine sits on the Youth Committee for Job Start, where she helps develop mentoring solutions for Youth. Some of her interests include reading, music, fashion, meditation, and physical wellness. Francine was named one of the Top 100 Black Women To Watch in Canada in 2020. She is always looking for opportunities to forge meaningful relationships and meet new people. 

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Jenniffer Bonilla Lozano

Born in El Salvador, Jenniffer traveled around the world since very early in her life. It gave her the ability to adapt seamlessly to any environment and tackle challenges from very early on. With a BSc in Economics and a Masters in Development and International Economics, Jenniffer has focused her career on the social and economic development of communities, having a reigning passion for gender equality, diversity and inclusion.


As the older sister of 4, and being raised surrounded by multiple strong, incredible women, Jenniffer understands the importance of intergenerational exchange and what it means for young women to see aspiring role models in their lives. She brings that zeal to the Mothers to Daughters community with the intent to raise awareness amongst her peers. Jenniffer is also an amateur Latin dancer, and in her downtime, has participated in international events in Miami, New York, Mexico, and Central America.

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Irene Godeme

A loving and pure soul, Irene is originally from Benin. She moved to Morocco and then France in the pursuit of her education and broader job opportunities. She is the elder sister to her five siblings and devotes her energy towards inspiring people to be kinder to one another. She has been working in the banking industry for the past five years, where she helps digitalize one of France's oldest and largest banking groups in Paris.

She enjoys traveling during her yearly eight weeks vacation, and her heart longs for uplifting relationships. She is a considerate friend and a fervent dreamer. Her passion for fashion makes her want to open her own fashion-related business in the future.

Irene is the Community Manager of Mothers to Daughters social media platforms, where she attracts people thanks to her bubbly and luminous personality.

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Olivia Guilpain

French and Senegalese creative based in Paris. She currently studies private law at the Pantheon-Sorbonne University. Writing and reading poetry and fiction has always been her escape when she needed a break from academia, as well as her main instrument to reflect on her surroundings. Event planning, web design, content creation, and brand management are her devoted interests.


Olivia is known for hosting some of the best social gatherings thanks to her keen eye for details and warm approach. When Francine pitched the initiative of Mothers to Daughters, she came on board to help develop the infrastructure of the project. She now acts as a creative consultant.
She enjoys a tranquil life, hiking, cooking, and sophisticated cocktails in her spare time, and adopts a growth mindset in her interactions.

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Rehanna Barry

Behind @Artby.Reh is a Senegalese artist based in Montreal. Her work is mostly inspired by her motherland and the West African culture in general. Her paintings are bright and colorful, incorporating several types of materials, such as cotton, wool, pearls, metal, fabrics, and more.

She has been drawing from her early years and began to experiment with painting when she moved to Montreal to pursue her academic degree. "I needed to decorate my walls and I preferred doing it myself rather than buying from stores!" From the interest of those around her, Art by Reh was born. Her passion for the arts and design in general brings diversity and originality to her work. Her artwork is featured in Mothers to Daughters: Live Conversation Agenda.

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Aissata Diallo

Born and raised in Mauritania, Aïssata is a Montreal based CPA, who is completing her master’s degrees in management and financial audit. Her academic and corporate journey in Canada has helped her understand the importance of reaching out to others.

To her, this community represents a space that will help enable and orient her ambition to create opportunities and make a difference in her home country. Aissata is adventurous and treasures getting out of her comfort zone. Her favorite escape from the restlessness of life is to travel, she sees it as an opportunity to meet new people, feed her curiosity, and discover other cultures.  


Upon hearing about this initiative, she responded with prompt engagement. She was featured on the Mothers to Daughters launch video and can't wait to share her zest for life.

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Vanessa Tobar

Originally from Colombia, Vanessa lives in the heart of Canada's Capital Region. Her Colombian roots have led her to value family and take pride in being a role model for her younger siblings. Her contribution to solving socio-economic challenges as a Federal Government analyst gives her a sense of accomplishment.

Away from her daily duties to the government, she likes to unwind by dancing to Latin music, which brings back cherished memories from her motherland. Her typical morning starts with a cup of coffee: “Francine often raves about how I introduced her to Colombian coffee, which is my personal favorite”.

She likes the outdoors, practicing yoga and meditation, and she easily connects to people thanks to her authenticity. She hopes to inspire and bring her joyfulness to the Mothers to Daughters community.


Shamiso Simango

Shamiso is originally from Zimbabwe. She is a young professional in the Financial Services Sector with over 6 years of experience in Retail Banking and Wealth Management. With a background in International Relations, Shamiso believes that communities are built on a strong network of individuals. Passionate about philanthropy, Shamiso has consulted and worked on numerous campaigns and projects to deepen community engagement across Canada and abroad.


Shamiso has a fond passion for cooking, and it all started when she was only 12. She mastered her craft over the years by exploring different flavors and techniques in the kitchen. Shamiso is now the proud Founder of Salt and Moon, a bespoke catering company that focuses on intimate dining. The goal is to customize a menu and for her clients to focus on the dining experience. She chose Salt because it purifies, and the Moon is a light that guides us.

She religiously practices mindfulness and lives an intentional life. She hopes to influence the next generation of women using her story in the Mothers to Daughters community.

Mother and Daughter

We are a generation of Baby boomers and Generation X on a mission to engage, educate, and empower the younger generation through storytelling and guidance In all aspects of personal and business development. 

We are a generation of Millennials and Generation Z committed to stepping out of our comfort zone to reach out to more experienced women, to learn and get guidance in all aspects of personal and business development.

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At Work


Oumou Samake offers small businesses admin tasks and bilingual support.



 Melissa delights her clients by capturing the right images that tell a story. She specializes in food, still life, product photography. 

Chef's Special


Shamiso Simango started cooking at the tender age of 12, and thrives to offer a bespoke experience and bring a sense of community to her customers.

Architectural Design


Peta-Ann helps entrepreneurs get their business started online with digital branding, web design, and more.

Dark Abstract


Rehanna brings her inner creative to life through her abstract art which leaves her clients completely  mesmerized.


Imani Soje helps her customers prioritize self-care and wellness through relaxation with her candles. 

Video Production


Margarette Leandre  specializes in video editing and videography. Her Production company is a Mailchimp Partner offering  training to small businesses.