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“Mentors Mixer ’3.0”
Women As a Powerful Force


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Celebrating women goes beyond the month of March. I believe women deserve to be put on that pedestal every single day. But this month is the time of year to amplify their voices, prowesses, and greatness louder. I am continuously marked by their wisdom, empathy, grace, strength, and leadership. They inspired me 3 years ago to create this beautiful community that resonates with so many, and the opportunity to carry on their legacy and create mine to set a precedent for future generations of women is a feeling of gratitude and responsibility I embrace.


Reflecting on this year’s theme, I recognize the efforts made so far to close the gender gap and the relentless work needed to ensure women are not at a blatant disadvantage in society. The gender equity cause is for everyone to champion, regardless of their gender. I dream of a tomorrow where women will not be overlooked for leadership roles. Women are a powerful force and gender equity is a winning bet today and tomorrow.

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Inspiring Women Making An Impact In The Community

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Anna Lolomari

Anna Lolomari is a Nigerian Canadian entrepreneur & the owner and creative director at zesty lifestyle. Zesty Lifestyle is an interior and fashion styling brand offering consultation services from personal and image style branding , closet edit & style guide makeover as well as host speaker for team building style confidence workshops for small businesses and brands . 


She is also a certified interior decorator & refiner where she refreshes spaces with what you have & then redesigns with what you need bearing in mind your lifestyle, taste & budget. 

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Beckie Di Leo

Beckie is a practicing artist, illustrator and the Founder of the 6IX Academy, a Fashion/Arts Entrepreneurship program at Central Toronto Academy which provides students with real-world experiences through industry partnerships in the areas of Business, Marketing, Fashion Design, Graphic Design, Content Creation, Photography, Event Planning and more.


Beckie re-branded the Arts Dept into the HeARTs Dept and works directly with BIPOC community mentors on social justice pursuits within the curriculum along with award winning designers to design a unique, innovative and entrepreneurial educational program.

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Tamara Bahry

At the age of four, Tamara began seeing the world through the lens of a camera; this passion turned into a career in 2000. Alongside her passion for the arts, Tamara pursued a career in finance, where she quickly worked her way to Vice President at Clearview Investments. From her extensive professional experience to her roots in philanthropy, Tamara’s commitment to people of all kinds is unmistakable. This commitment inspired her to co-found Commission Yourself, a fundraiser focused on combating and bringing awareness to sex trafficking in the Greater Toronto Area.


Tamara blends her support of charity with her artistic endeavours by donating all proceeds from her documentary and studio photography work to a selection of charities in need.

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Dimitra Davidson

Dimitra Davidson is the driving force behind the independent brand, Indeed Labs. For Dimitra, the brand is so much more than skincare.

She is always on the pulse of what’s happening in the community, and listening to what consumers are saying. From formulation to creative strategies, Dimitra is involved in every aspect of the business.


She has built the brand around the community with a clear mission of honesty, transparency, and inclusion. As an advocate for consumers everywhere, Dimitra does not take no for an answer and will work tirelessly until her vision is brought to life

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Klaudia Zinaty

Klaudia Zinaty is a business entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience in the media and marketing industry including print, television, events, digital and social media. She was formerly the Regional Director of Fashion Group International Toronto and a Professor in Fashion, Business Marketing, Media and Public Relations.

Currently, she is the President and Founder of Women Empowerment
Awards, a platform that been created to recognize and celebrate the
diverse achievements of women in Canadian business, leadership,
mentorship, diversity, inclusivity & equality, community service, and
lifetime achievement.

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Art has always played a prominent role in the life of NOORÈLLE's founder, Aynur. From her youth till today, she has spent most of her time ingesting vivid colors and chic concepts. Originally born in Baku, the Azerbaijan architectural capital, Aynur would carefully observe her mother and artisans weaving traditional carpets. Little did she know then that those patterns would broaden her mind and form a gateway for exploring the colors of other cultures of the world.  

Working as an executive education professional, she felt limited in expressing her artistic side. To soothe her satisfaction and create a meaningful way of expression for modern women, she'd dedicate her downtime to design. Starting a jewelry brand with her daughter is a special and meaningful endeavor. It is an opportunity to bond and create something together while passing on family values and traditions to the next generation. This brand represents not just a jewelry line, but a family legacy of perseverance, creativity, and empowering women to pursue their dreams. Today you can find Aynur working from Toronto, creating enriching art pieces, where she lives with her husband, two children and dog.

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Claudia Chan

As a Mindset Life Coach, Claudia Chan wants all women, esp. Asian women, to have the FREEDOM and COURAGE to be who they are, and go after what they want. 


Claudia is an International Bestselling author of the book, Asian Women Trailblazers Who BossUp. She is also the host to the Extraordinary Asian Women podcast. 


A proud mom to a 5 year old boy, a wife to a handsome and supportive husband. Claudia loves to dance tango and salsa, travel around the world, have fun. She believes that if everyone can live the life they love, this world would be so much better!

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Lisa Ventura

Lisa Ventura is the founder and principal of 1st Link Group, providing recruitment services to multiple clients in various industries. She is an energetic, thoughtful, and resourceful Recruitment and Sales Professional with years of in-depth expertise in recruitment and corporate sales, who has partnered with brands like Martinrea, Maranello BMW, and Purolator, just to name a few.

Lisa is also a Certified Coach Practitioner, Certified Master Coach Practitioner, and yoga instructor. Her active listening skills promote open and candid dialogue leading to a positive workplace that exemplifies pride. With her open mind, positive attitude, and hands-on approach, she tends to bring out the best in others.

Since 1995 Lisa has taken leadership volunteer roles and actively contributed to various charitable organizations: Big Sisters of Toronto – Match Activities, Rosalie Hall, Villa Charities and Mount Sinai Hospital Foundation Women’s Auxiliary, Safehaven Project for Community Living, and Alternatives. Lisa is passionate about Ferrari. She is an elected member of the Executive Council of the Scuderia Ferrari Club Toronto, the second-largest SFC in the world.

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Claudia Chan

"As a 42-year old first generation Chinese mother of a 5 year old son, International Women’s Day represents a day of connection, hope, and gratitude. 


It is a day where I get to connect with the women in my life. This gives me a chance to build stronger relationship with other strong like-minded women, which makes the journey less lonely. 


It is also a day for me to recognize the struggles and injustices that women still face around the world. This gives me an opportunity to teach my son the importance of respect, empathy and inclusion. I hope that he will grow up to understand that it’s ok to be different, and everyone deserves equal opportunities. 


Finally, it’s a day of gratitude. I am thankful for  all of those who came before me, and for all of those who are standing up to make changes in the world. I am grateful for the progress that has been made, and I am hopeful that together, we will create a future where gender equality is the norm."

Dimitra Davidson

"International Women's Day to me, serves as a reminder of the strength and resilience of women across the globe. It's a day to celebrate the tremendous strides that women have made in both personal and professional lives. Personally, it's a time for me to reflect on my own journey as a young professional, and to appreciate the progress that has been made for women in business since then.


While there is still much work to be done, I'm so proud of the accomplishments of women around the world, the women in my family, and the women on my team."

 Tamara Bahry

"International Women’s Day is one dedicated day in the year to be conscious of the very many barriers women face in the quest for equality. Some of the most fundamental human rights are still denied to many women and girls around the world and in Canada: from equal pay for equal work, to access to clean drinking water; from freedom from violence at the hands of a male partner or family member; to access to education.


While the struggle of feminists of all stripes have brought gender equality a long way, there is still far to go to achieving true equality.


IWD gives women – and our allies – a shared moment to reflect on where we are now and where we want to focus our attention. It’s also a chance to celebrate all the women, publicly recognized and toiling in silence, who have contributed to our advancement."

Aynur Jahan

"When we empower young women, we unlock their potential to change the world. By providing them with the tools, resources, and support they need to pursue their dreams, we create a brighter future for all of us.


The world needs women who are confident, ambitious and unapologetically themselves. Let's continue to break down barriers and pave the way for the next generation of women. I'm looking forward to being part of an event that empowers young women to be agents of change in their own lives and in their communities."

Anna Lolomari

"Always remember you are braver than you believe , stronger than you seem and smarter than you think - Christopher Robin 


International women’s day inspires me there is power and beauty in every soul and we were all uniquely made with our divine differences yet empowering gifts to love , support and inspire one another and be kind to ourselves doing what we love and embracing all mankind with warm love . 


We as women hold the power to a successful world in all facets of our lives does not matter our age , color , culture , religion , beliefs but most importantly is embracing all our differences with an authentic love and light saying together we can do it and make our world a better place with appreciation of all our skills . 


Together we are the beauty of our global & blessed world."


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