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Mothers to Daughters : Live Conversation #1 Event recap

The April 19th kick-off event was a beautiful reminder that when women come together, they create sparkles. As Daughters, we were very fortunate to have the likes of Svetlana Ratnikova, Cara-Lee Lewis, Assiatou Diallo and Kate Kopylova with us for our first ever Mothers to Daughters : Live Conversation event.

Svetlana talked about the reasons why she stands for entrepreneurship. What she explained to us is that it is important to keep the people in mind while doing so : the purpose should be bigger than yourself. Furthermore, she urged us to create a sustainable impact by adapting to customer habit’s changes. She spoke as a true People lover! We had a moment when she called for a change in our personal ecosystems in order to thrive, starting with our circle – The adage “Tell me who your friends are, and I’ll tell you who you are” is one of her keys to success.

Some say that you are the sum of the five people you are closest to. It actually goes further than that, since the people you are closest to are influenced by those who are closest to them… So you should pick your entourage wisely. Simply put, if you want to better your entrepreneurial skills, surround yourself with entrepreneurs, and you’ll start thinking like them.

People can be born leaders, it can stem from their personality : one can be intelligent, crafty, innovative, or have natural management capabilities. But one can also turn into a leader, from the education your parents give you, if they challenge you and train you to perform for instance. And also, sometimes you feel like life is giving you no choice but to turn things around, may it be for your kids, or when you feel like you’ve hit rock bottom. In that moment, you stand up for yourself and strive to make a life for yourself. With dedication and work ethics, you will become successful.

If you’re looking for guidance on starting a project, you can connect with Svetlana through her institution,

Cara-Lee took us all on a ride for an account of her journey becoming a Super-mom, at the tender age of seventeen years old. Instead of looking for the right person as most of us think we should do before making the decision to have kids, she argued that there is never a right moment. Most importantly she reminded us that ‘We are the right person’. We should stop tagging our goals to other people but rather work on us, because we can rely on ourselves. For this reason, we should be our biggest investment. We shared an intimate moment, as Cara-Lee’s daughter Savannah joined her to cuddle as she was getting emotional.

When we reminisce about times that intensely touched us, the river of feelings can overflow… Feminine energy and empathy goes a long way to process experiences and grow from them, rather than letting them weigh you down.

Cara-Lee insisted that no matter how proud you are, no matter how little or how big your issues are, you should always reach out to seek help when you feel like you don’t know how to deal with a situation. Do not be scared to reach out to other people who might have gone through a similar experience! That is the very reason behind the creation of the Mothers to Daughters community, and we hope that every Daughter and every Mother can become comfortable in sharing issues and experience.

And when you feel like you are in above your head, Cara’s tip is to set and keep a record of personal goals, as insignificant as they may seem. It could be to read a book you have been wanting to read for a long time, or to successfully get out of a situation you thought would go on forever. All victories, big or small, give you a sense of accomplishment and fuel up your self-confidence tank. So keep track of your victories and keep going!

If you’re looking for a cool and non-judgemental Mother-friend, reach out to Cara-Lee on Instagram @caralee_rbc – If you happen to be in the Ottawa/Gatineau region and it’s time to purchase a home, she can certainly help out. She has the best network of realtors in the region.

Assiatou reminded us all of why life is worth fighting for. Her touching story, and rise to success against all odds, was a testimony of real bravery. She encouraged us to reach out to people for support. Her story from a shelter house resident to CEO of a successful cleaning company is an authentic self-made story. Our safe haven is sometimes only steps away from us, and we need to be determined and navigate through our own challenges in order to reach for the stars.

Motivation is one of the most critical keys to success, and that is why we should learn how to cultivate it. Cultivating motivation goes hand in hand with building mental resilience.

Assiatou said it was her resilience that made a difference with people you could have been more talented or more privileged than her : if they lack resilience, they will give up on their projects when things become hard, when difficulties start piling up and seem like obstacles they will never overcome. You have to believe in yourself, and believe in your goal. Believe that you will prevail, and live through all the stumbling blocks that will unavoidably pave the way. For the sun is brightly shining above the clouds even when you don’t see it. So always remember this, and keep rising.

Assiatou shone her light on her fellow shelter residents, whom she employed, as promised, once she succeeded in creating her own business. While we were amazed by this stunning Mother, her super cute dog made an appearance and brought delighted smiles to our lips.

You can watch the documentary about Assiatou’s story here :

Kate shared with us her hacks to an overall improved lifestyle and healthier living habits, and we shall try to implement each of these small habits in our day to day life.

Mothers get real and we’re here for it : when you see yourself in the mirror, why not smile to yourself? Give your beautiful self a huge soulful smile, and start your day right, Girl! Kate urged us to do so, along with stretching all throughout our hectic days. She also reminded us of the impact of Meditation, and encouraged beginners to get acquainted to the “SO HUM” mantra mediation practice.

In order to feel happiness, you have to root yourself and consciously live in the present moment, as often as you can. Meditation will help stabilizing your overall mental state by allowing you to take time for quiet alignment of your mind. That is when the “SO HUM” practise comes into play, by helping regulate your breathing and focusing. While meditating or doing yoga exercises, you can chant this mantra in your mind, by slowly inhaling to the thought of “Sooooo”, and slowly exhaling to the thought of “Hummm”.

By chanting this mantra in meditation, you allow yourself to become more aware of time and space, the present moment, and take your mind to deepen satisfaction and happiness feelings. You can start by taking five minutes in the morning or evening, whichever moment feels more relaxed for you, to practise silent meditation, and see the benefits for yourself!

I encourage you to visit Kate’s website for healthy living recommendations at

Still on a cloud from the enthusiasm that we have gotten out of our first event, we are so excited to announce that the next Live Conversation with three new Mothers will be held on Sunday, May 17th. Mark your calendars!

Once again, we would like to thank every single Mother and Daughter who attended our first Live Conversation. Your beautiful spirit and curious presence helped making it an amazing experience, and we cannot wait to you again.

See you soon...


The Mothers to Daughters Team


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