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Thinking Of People Deprived of Certain Privileges During The Holiday and Ways To Support Them

Picture this - It is the 24th of December. You have decorated your house with Christmas lights and a tree, have stockings filled with gifts, and some more presents under the Christmas tree. You and your partner are satisfied with everything you planned for your children and each other. You cannot wait to see the faces of your loved ones when they wake up the next day to celebrate the most-awaited holiday of the year - Christmas and open all your presents. You have food and wine, go to the Church to pray, and all is well in the world. But, is it?

Somewhere, there is a family who cannot afford to purchase any presents for anyone in the family, a single parent is struggling to make ends meet, there are childless couples who are working overtime on this holiday and won’t be able to see each other because they need to bring food to the table. Someone else does not have a family to go to because they work in a different town, someone else got evicted and now lives in a shelter, and someone else does not have a job to be able to survive. It breaks my heart even to paint this picture, but that is the harsh reality. Right now, in Canada, it is -20 degrees outside, it is snowing, there are not enough food banks, and the prices of necessities are at an all-time high.

Does everyone not deserve to be able to celebrate this festival? When the city and houses are lit up, and there is also seasonal depression, these people do not ask for what comes their way. Their circumstances are such that they cannot afford the same things you can. But when you can, please think about them and make their lives easier during this time.

Please donate whatever you can - clothes, money, toys, anything works. They just need to know that they are not alone during the holidays and that there are people who care. Supporting the underprivileged can go a long way!

Spread the holiday cheer! I did my bit. Can you do yours?

Post by Ranak


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