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How AI and technology affect women has been a story that has changed over time.

How AI and technology affect women has been a story that has changed over time. It shows up in different ways as our society changes.

For people from earlier generations, like Baby Boomers and Gen X, when computers and machines started being used more at work, it gave women more chances to have jobs and do work that was considered only for men. But there was still a big difference between men and women regarding careers in technology. Women had fewer job options in the past, but when computers and machines came, more jobs opened up. However, women still face a significant gap in technology careers. Let's take the example of Sarah, a woman from an older generation who wanted to work with computers. At first, people didn't support her, but her mentor, Emily, who had been through similar challenges, gave her great advice on how to work with tech. With Emily's help, Sarah succeeded in a field mostly dominated by men.

Millennials grew up with the internet becoming a big thing. They saw technology as something that could help them do more and have a voice. They used social media to express themselves, start businesses, and get involved in important causes. But social media also brought problems like cyberbullying and made them feel like they had to look a certain way, which could hurt their mental health and self-esteem. Mentors guided them through these challenging situations. For example, a young person starting her new business, Maya, faces online harassment. Her mentor, Susan, who knows digital marketing and has been in the space of online business for much longer than Maya, taught Maya how to handle these challenges. Thanks to Susan, Maya stayed confident and safe online.

Gen Z is the generation that's grown up with technology the most. They use it to stand up for things they believe in and make changes in society. But they also deal with issues like privacy problems, online bullying, and feeling like they always have to show a perfect version of themselves online. Sophia, a climate activist and her advisor, Michelle, who understands AI ethics, showed Sophia how to protect her personal information online. Michelle's wisdom helped Sophia fight for her cause while staying safe.

Even though AI has the potential to make things easier and more convenient, it also has some problems. Sometimes, it can keep unfair ideas going, making it harder for women to get good jobs or fair loans.

The way AI and technology affect women goes through different generations. It shapes what jobs they can have, how they see themselves, and how they fight for what's important to them. Finding the right balance between giving women power and fixing the gap between men and women in technology is still challenging. We need to make sure women have the chance to learn about technology, use it reasonably, and have the same chances as men.

Post by: Ranak


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